WAFELLO – Italian Style Wafer

. October 19, 2022

Following the success of CAL CHEESE WAFER, Mayora, in partnership with Ecossential Foods Corporation, launched another line of delicious wafers, but this time with an Italian twist. WAFELLO has been making waves in the market with its crispy thin, Italian-style wafer coupled with the richness of its chocolate taste!

With its premium taste but affordable price, it appealed to the young, fun & modern teenager market.

This wafer with an Italian twist is available in three flavors; Chocolate, Coco Crème & Butter Caramel.

This line of new wafer products is envisioned to also dominate the wafer market and follow in the footsteps of Cal Cheese.

Wafello is available in leading supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and sari sari stores nationwide.